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Developers who care about your business



We enjoy helping small and medium business step there game up to the next level. Creating solutions to help automate, boost productivity and make your life's what we do.

If your organization is on the verge of expanding and has to awnser all of the difficult questions that it entails, give us a call. We have great experience in helping to drive growth and build a reliable and stable platform for your business.



Our design principles are multi-faceted, leading your organization from scratch to stability. We can help design the architecture to allow your system to communicate effectively and ensuring all requirements are met.

We deal primarily with SMB and can help holistically design your application. Whether it is 'behind the scenes' or customer facing applications, we can assist in delivering your vision and allowing you to put the best foot forward.



Nothing beats seeing your dreams come to life and we love helping people achieve success. We are a team of developers, engineers, data analyst and general tech geeks that enjoy a good challenge and the satisfaction of a job well done.

We have experience in many sectors including retail and healthcare. If you are looking to build a web/desktop application, reporting, business intelligence, process automation, have found the right company. We are well versed in many areas and look forward to providing assistance to help build your business.

Using integration to build bridges to new opportunities

Brief Intro

Founded by two developers that had grown tired of the corporate mentality of over committing and under delivering. With a strong pledge to designing and building innovative software that delivers on its promises and helps promote business growth. Building a company is hard work and we believe that our customers deserve the respect and transparency from qualified software engineers to match your endless efforts. A couple of boys with West Virginia roots bringing software to the Mountain State.

Let us help in gathering and presenting BI and Analytics